Meal Plan Rotation

Download the PDF for Meal Plan Rotation 1 for 8 days. In the first example I gave you the Back bones of the plan with only 3 main meals. Your goal is to add enough food to get to  Meal Plan Rotation Advance next.

Meal Plan Rotations 1 If you are on a restricted diet or multiple allergies it is best to rotate the food you are not allergic to every 4 days or same to food every 2 days to minimize future reactions.

For the first week, choose 4 proteins, 4 grains and 4 fruits and 4 veggies. Place it in the colour coded Template made and add one extra food every 4 day until you have a well balance diet like the Meal Plan Rotation Advance while avoiding the possible allergy triggering foods.

With the example below, use the “back bone” to make your own menu following the colours on the template.

After 4 weeks, you should have a lot of variety of food you can eat and enjoy!

Meal Plan Rotation Advance to give you an idea how your meals should look like after adding more foods. It is easier to build this yourself with the food you can eat with the help of the Food Families Cheat Sheet.



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